My experience in the natural veneer begins in July 1978 as apprentice by an artisan in Pesaro where I learned how to Sew together and Cut the Natural veneer and subsequently also to Inlay it. In 1987 it begun my experience as inside Storekeeper / Seller, up to April 1993 when my responsibilities is grew as partner of a Company in Pesaro.
During the first years I learned how to follow the various steps of production of the veneer and above all " The Walnut Veneer".
Subsequently I produced the National Walnut Veneer, European Cherry, Ash, Beech, Tanganika etc. in Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Slovenia and every stock had then been selected and sold.
From September 2005 up to September 2009 I have accepted the assignment by an important Italian firm as " Responsible of Commercial Division Reconstitute Veneer" . Today I am multi-seller Representative IMPORT / EXPORT, and I sell In India, Palestine, Europe etc…
I collaborate with the best one Italian and Foreign Producers, with which we took part to fairs in: Brazil, India, Turkey, England, Bulgaria etc... . My project is to be always beside the best clients and suppliers during every purchase / sale of Natural Veneers .
The mission develops in receiving Informations from Customers, I looking for the Veneer best one , with the best quality-price balance, proper for their workmanships.
Once found I send it or organize the Inspection.

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